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You can reach our customer service via messages in your personal account or in other official chats.

Yes, you continue to participate in the program. If you sell to the company or take your bar, it will not affect your work in the REAL GOLD 2.0 marketing program.

No. The company does not charge any additional fees for participation in the program. All buyers who have bought at least four gold bars of 0.10 g each and activated all types of Goldsets at a minimum cost can participate in the program.

Participants of the advertising and bonus program REAL GOLD 2.0 simultaneously receive income from all their activated Goldsets: for passing the first place and reinvestment place only one circle of all Goldsets and the Partner receives a guaranteed income in the amount of
$ 5 242 744

There are no risks when using the REAL GOLD 2.0 platform and participating in the partner program. The platform operates in a decentralized and transparent manner. The smart contract code is publicly available. All rewards come directly to your personal wallet, without any hidden fees and without using third-party resources. Only you have access to your wallet and no one else can manage your money.

There are no withdrawal requests, withdrawal deadlines, and risks associated with the human factor since the smart contract instantly distributes rewards directly to your personal blockchain wallet automatically.

No. The validity period of Goldsets and placements on them is not limited.

No. That's out of the question. The referral system with vertical linking clearly records the sequence of invited participants. Your personally invited partner is forever attached to you, follows you and fills the empty places in your Goldsets. The number of invitees is unlimited.

If your superior partner has all the places in the first line of placement already occupied, his invited partners take up empty places in your Goldsets and you receive a reward.

Also, active participants can be ahead of their invitees for a while if they fill out their Goldsets faster and activate the following ones. If you are not on the Goldset, your partners are placed under your nearest superior located on this Goldset.

After activating the Goldset of the same value, with the next reinvestments, your partners will take places, according to the referral link.

According to the terms of the program, when each Goldset is filled for the first time, a part of the received rewards is accumulated in a smart contract and forms a pool for automatic activation of the next level of the value of the Goldset and re-activation of the same value of the Goldset, or reinvestment. Reinvestment and activation of a higher value level occur automatically when each Goldset is fully filled.

When the Goldset is filled in again, a smaller part of the rewards forms a pool for reinvestment in the same level of the value of the Goldset. Reinvestment in Goldsets of each value level occurs automatically an infinite number of times.

Now a huge number of people are getting more and more interested in earning money on the Internet, especially related to cryptocurrencies, many themselves are constantly looking for new opportunities. They can be found on social networks, or thematic resources and communities independently. You can also set up an automatic sales funnel, targeted advertising, or traffic attraction, and interested people will find you themselves.

Passive income is possible. The partner program is designed in such a way that all its participants help each other out. All your invitees, as well as your higher-level partners, with the help of overflows and reinvestments, endlessly continue to fill places in your Goldsets, creating constant income streams. Passive income depends on the activity of your superiors and invited partners who will be present in your Goldsets, as well as your work and the work of your entire team.

In order to secure passive income in the future, you need to make some efforts to involve new partners and activate new Goldsets. By inviting even one very active person to your team, you will already be able to earn good money and achieve your goals. How fast it will happen depends only on you.

To effectively start working in the REAL GOLD 2.0 partner program, talk to the person who invited you or other experienced participants; they will help you take the first steps. Also, study in detail all the materials and information on the website and in other resources of the project in order to acquire the necessary expertise. The partner program is based on building a partner network. Tell potential partners about the capabilities of the platform and attract them to work together.

Each of the four types of Goldsets GS5, GS7, GS15, GS31 has fifteen cost levels, the cost of activating each next level of the Goldset, as well as income, which is twice as much as with the previous one. There are sixty Goldsets in total in the partner program.

By purchasing gold bars of 0.10 g each, in the amount necessary to participate in the program, you have the opportunity to activate Goldsets of various types and values in your personal account. To participate in the program, you must activate all four types of Goldsets at any cost level at the same time. After initial activation, all types of Goldsets can be developed in parallel and independently of each other.

The marketing plan consists of four types of Goldsets:

  • GS5, revenue of 333% of the initial amount of marketing entry into Goldset
  • GS7, revenue of 317% of the initial amount of marketing entry into Goldset
  • GS15, revenue of 467% of the initial amount of marketing entry into Goldset
  • GS31, revenue of 817% of the initial amount of marketing entry into Goldset

Buying gold bars in the company does not mean participation in the program, to participate in it, you need to activate Goldsets in your personal account.

By buying gold bars in the company, you become a member of the partner program and can share the purchase opportunity with other customers, friends or partners, constantly receiving significant commission fees.

With the help of your personal referral link or ID, you invite partners, and receive reward in USDT from each of their activities.

When buying each gold bar, $ 6 goes to the marketing development of the company and only 16.7% of this value is the company's income, and 83.3% is distributed in the form of commission fees immediately to the personal wallets of the program participants.

To account for the program, Goldsets have been developed. Those are modern indivisible reward distribution matrices, each of which has a different logic for the location of partners and accrual of rewards, a different number of places and placement levels. Every time your partners take up places in your Goldsets, you get a reward.

The modern, highly profitable, decentralized, advertising and marketing partner program, REAL GOLD 2.0 is designed to implement and popularize the company's product and opens up a huge potential for improving the quality of life and financial well-being of each participant. Please read the terms of the partner program carefully.

The speed and volume of your income depend only on your desire, goals, and chosen strategy, as well as on the number of invited people and how actively they will work. There are no limits on the amount of money; the REAL GOLD 2.0 partner program really gives you the opportunity to earn Life-Changing Money.

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