Franchise REAL GOLD 2.0 is about to opening stores for trading in investment gold

REAL GOLD company is the first to use the possibility of combining affiliate marketing and franchising system

Benefits of the REAL GOLD Franchise

  • The right to sell gold investment bars of the company REAL GOLD in accordance with the format of the company

  • Quick payback and the ability to build your own business without being alone

  • A flexible concept built on a unique product with a broadly oriented affordable pricing policy

  • Clearly developed conceptual standards REAL GOLD promotes easy and fast-growing business

  • Opportunity to build your own network within the framework of franchising in the Gold Bar market

  • Various options for the format of the store premises within the framework of the concept according to the object in question

For whom? Typically, our site is visited by three types of people

  • Dream
    You have a dream - you want to become the owner of a gold trading center and have long dreamed of your own store with regular customers. Have you realized that a dream can become a reality and now you are looking for a way to achieve your goal? We know how to make your cherished dream come true!
  • Company leader
    You already have potential gold buyers. You know the topic of investment gold well. The world gives you a real opportunity. Take action!
  • Investor
    If you want to open your own business, but don't know where to start, avoid the hassle of starting a company from scratch, the REAL GOLD 2.0 franchise option is perfect for you. We can help you get your business up and running in a matter of weeks.

Where to begin? Make a clear plan

Realize intention
I intend to create my own private store in the city: BEIJING / LONDON / RIGA / ROME / NICOSIA / PRAGUE / BUDAPEST / MARSEILLE or in any other city - once again make sure of my clear intentions
Make a decision and take action
I am ready to make every effort and invest resources in opening a SHOP in this city/country/village and I am sure that I can withstand any difficulties and will follow this road to a dizzying result
Find an office
Choose the right space for the effective launch of the store / center
Make renovations
Together with the designer, create an interesting visualization of the interior of the future store
With the help of the provided media plan, customized advertising campaigns, recoup the investment in the shortest possible time after the start of the store

Contact us

And we will send you a complete set of documentation for starting and successfully launching a gold trading store.
We work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and accept applications from all over the world. Write to us right now, get one step closer to your dream!