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Any visitor to our site can use a special calculator of approximate income received in the REAL GOLD 2.0 program. This online tool is characterized by simplicity and convenience of transactions, which guarantees its popularity.

Based on the results of the calculations, you will be able to predict the movement of cash flows in such a way as to extract the maximum benefit with the minimum cost.

When using a calculator, you must:

  • indicate the amount of the proposed personal purchase of gold bars, noting the planned activations of Goldsets in the table.

  • indicate the planned number of direct invitees and the total number of invitees by the whole structure.

Initial Estimated Quantity:

  • direct: at least 1
  • total number of invitees in the structure: 4

The calculator works on the basis of the same amounts of Goldset activations by all the indicated partners of your structure. If the amount of your activation is 1000 USDT, then the calculation will be made at the rate of 1000 USDT by each member of the program you specified.

Each participant must understand that this is an approximate calculation of the results. Minimum income levels were taken as the basis. The exact amount will depend on the allocation of seats to the distribution level of funds at each Goldset by distribution levels.

The calculator program uses a self-learning algorithm and put your results to improve performance. We will be very grateful to you for your help in the work.


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