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कूकी नीति वापसी

1. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that the Company transfers to the hard drive of a computer, tablet, smartphone, or other devices that the User uses to visit the website through a web browser for record-keeping purposes. Some cookies allow the Company to make it easier for the User to navigate the Platform, while others are used to speed up the login process or to track the User's actions on the Platform. Cookies are widely used by website owners to make websites function or to improve their performance, as well as to obtain analytical information.

2. The website www.realgold20.com uses its own and third-party cookies and similar technologies to store information on the User's computer. The purpose of this is to guarantee the most comfortable user experience by providing personalized information, remembering preferences in the marketing field, in services and products, as well as helping to obtain the correct information. By continuing to use the Platform, the User consent to the use and placement of cookies.

3. The company and service providers may use different types of cookies on the Website:

  • Strictly necessary cookies. Cookies in this category are necessary in order to enable users to move around the Website and use its functions, such as access to secure areas of the Platform.
  • Cookies created for improving the Website's performance. Cookies of this category collect information about the use of the Website by visitors, such as, which pages visitors view most often, and whether Website visitors see error messages on the web pages. These cookies do not collect information that directly identifies a visitor. All information collected by these cookies is combined; thus, it remains anonymous. This information is only used for improving the Website's performance. Cookies of the second category collect information about the use of the Website only in the interests of the Website operator. By using the Website, the User consent to the placement of cookies on their devices.
  • Functional cookies. Cookies of this category allow the Website to remember the answer options submitted by the User (for example, the User's name, language, or region in which he/she is located) and provide advanced features according to Users' individual tastes or needs. For example, the Website can provide the User with information about the services and products offered in a particular city or region, storing a particular region where the User is currently located in a cookie. These cookies can be used to remember the changes made by the User regarding the size of the text, the fonts used, and other customizable parameters of the web pages. They can also be used to provide services requested by the User, such as watching videos or commenting on blogs. The information collected by these cookies can be anonymous and these cookies are not able to track the User's activity on other websites. By using the Platform to customize personal settings, the User agrees that the Company may place such cookies that are used to remember preferences on their device.
  • Targeting or advertising cookies. Cookies in this category are used for displaying advertisements that are most relevant to the needs and interests of the User, based on the analysis of the User's movements in the network. They are also used to limit the number of times an ad is shown and to help the Company measure the effectiveness of an ad campaign. They are usually placed on the User's device by third-party advertising networks, but with the permission of the Company. These cookies remember the User's visit to our Website. This information is shared with other organizations, such as third party advertisers, and will be linked to features of the Website provided by other organizations. In other words, cookies in this category collect the most information about users.

4. The company and service providers may use cookies for a variety of purposes, including:

  • in order for the company's systems to uniquely identify the User during a session or when logging into the Platform. This allows the Company to process the User's online transactions, orders and requests and verify his identity after the User is logged in when navigating the Platform.
  • to facilitate obtaining information about the User's visits to the Website;
  • to analyze information about the User's visit to pages to improve our Website;
  • to provide advertisements, messages, and content created by the Company and third parties on this Website and other websites, respecting interests of the User;
  • to help the User in obtaining the necessary information;
  • to determine the number of visitors and how they use our website to improve its performance and to better understand what is interesting to the audience;
  • to track aggregate and statistical information about the activity of Users.

5. Disabling Cookies.

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but if required, the User can change the settings of their browser to block such cookies in the future. The general settings of most browsers describe how to prevent a computer from accepting new cookies, how to make the browser notify one when a new cookie is received, or how to disable cookies altogether. Platform users who have disabled cookies will not be able to view certain areas of the Platform

Cookie settings may differ from browser to browser. Following the links below, the User can find further instructions on how to disable the cookies in the browser and/or how to delete them completely:


Internet Explorer:

Mozilla Firefox:



Click here for more general information on cookies:

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