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  • Referral program of REAL GOLD 2.0

    Referral program of REAL GOLD 2.0

    The modern, highly profitable, decentralized, advertising and marketing referral program REAL GOLD 2.0 is designed to increase the sales of the company's goods and opens up a huge potential for increasing personal income and financial well-being for each
    Author: REAL GOLD
  • Presentation about the REAL GOLD company

    Presentation about the REAL GOLD company

    “REALGOLD 2.0” es un programa de venta de lingotes de oro de la más alta calidad 999.9, enfocado en la venta de los lingotes más pequeños en cuanto al peso de 0.10 gramos con certificación LBMA de reconocidos productores de oro.
    Author: REAL GOLD
  • The fastest way to earn on gold

    The fastest way to earn on gold

    How to earn fast and a lot on gold! And at the same time, you are always guaranteed to take your gold. Purchase, sale of gold bars is carried out by a smart contract. As well as the smart contract "REAL GOLD 2.0", automatically charges commissions to the
    Author: REAL GOLD
  • Leader Program of REAL GOLD 2.0

    Leader Program of REAL GOLD 2.0

    The Leadership Program operates completely independently and runs in parallel with the Goldset Filling Program. The position and bonus reward under the Leadership Program depend solely on the results of your work and the work of your Partners.
    Author: REAL GOLD
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