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Referral program of REAL GOLD 2.0 Ritornare


Referral program of REAL GOLD 2.0

The modern, highly profitable, decentralized, advertising and marketing referral program REAL GOLD 2.0 is designed to increase the sales of the company's goods and opens up a huge potential for increasing personal income and financial well-being for each participant in the program.


  • Your activity in promoting the company's product is encouraged as much as possible in the form of commissions.
  • The REAL GOLD 2.0 smart contract on the TronLink instantly distributes rewards directly to your personal blockchain wallet.


  • Anyone can participate in the program online from anywhere in the world.
  • With your personal referral link or ID, you can invite new partners and receive rewards in USDT from each of their activities.
  • The amount of commissions for one participant is not limited, and the result depends solely on your desire.


  • The REAL GOLD 2.0 smart contract is a decentralized, self-executing algorithm developed by the company's experts within the TronLink network, and it cannot be modified or closed by anyone, not even the project's founders.
  • All transactions are processed and automatically distributed using a smart contract and are open and public, providing full transparency. You can check them at any time in the TRON BlockChain explorer.
  • There are no withdrawal requests, withdrawal deadlines, and risks associated with the human factor.
  • Purchased bars always belong only to you, and you can pick them up or sell them back to the company at any time.
  • If you take gold or sell it to the company you continue to participate in the REAL GOLD 2.0 marketing program

How it works

  • After each purchase of 0.10 g gold bar, 6 USDT goes to the referral marketing program. The company’s income is 16.7% from the marketing deductions, transfers, and reinvestments of each Goldset. The remaining 83.3% are distributed in the form of commissions immediately to the personal wallets of the participants in the referral marketing program.

  • Goldsets have been developed in order to account and distribute commissions in the marketing program,- modern indivisible matrices for the distribution of rewards between the participants of the referral program. Each of which has a different logic for the location of partners and accrual of remuneration, a different number of places and placement lines.
  • The marketing plan consists of four types of Goldsets - GS5, GS 7, GS 15 and GS 31.
  • Purchasing gold bars is required to participate in the program. You have the opportunity to activate Goldsets of various types and values in your personal account



Total income 333%
5 places, 2 levels
Level 2: 4 places
Level 2: 83.3% for filling each place at Level 2


Total income 317%
7 places, 3 levels
Level 2: 2 places
Level 3: 4 places
Level 2: 8.3% for filling each place at Level 2
Level 3: 75% for filling each place at Level 3


Total income 467%
15 places, 4 levels
Level 2: 2 places
Level 3: 4 places
Level 4: 8 places
Level 2: 16.6% for filling each place at Level 2
Level 3: 25% for filling each place at Level 3
Level 4: 41.6% for filling each place at Level 4


Total income 817%
31 places, 5 levels
Level 2: 2 places
Level 3: 4 places
Level 4: 8 places
Level 5: 16 places
Level 2: 8.3% for filling each place at Level 2
Level 3: 16.6% for filling each place at Level 3
Level 4: 25% for filling each place at Level 4
Level 5: 33.3% for filling each place at Level 5


  • Each type of Goldset includes a value of 15 levels, the cost of activating each next level as well as income - doubles.




  • In total, there are sixty Goldsets in the affiliate program, the period of validity of Goldsets and placements on them is not limited.


  • To participate in the program, you must simultaneously activate all four types of Goldsets of any cost level.
  • After the initial activation, all types of Goldsets can be developed in parallel and independently of each other.
  • The minimum activating cost of a Goldset is 1 gold bar weighing 0.10 g. The minimum entry cost into the program is 4 gold bars weighting 0.10 g.

  • Simply select the desired goldets in your personal account. The system will add the required number of gold bars to your cart for activation. Gold bars will be added by prioritized topics marked in your settings, or you can add them yourself. After the successful payment, Goldsets will be activated.
  • If you want to immediately activate Goldset on level 5, you have to activate all Goldsets on levels 1 through 5 if they have not been activated yet.

  • Activation of gold sets through place transitions after the set is filled is already calculated in dollar terms in USDT cryptocurrency. When switching to the next more expensive set, the cost also increases by 2 times compared to the previous one, activation of the second set is 12 USDT, the third is 24 USDT, the fourth is 48 USDT and so on.


  • The vertical referral system clearly records the sequence of invited participants.
  • Your invitees always follow you and fill the empty places in your Goldsets. The number of invitees is unlimited.
  • Regardless of where your place is in the Goldsets of your upline partner, you are always placed on the top first level of all your own Goldsets.
  • Goldsets places are always filled from left to right under the invitee, depending on the invitations made.
  • You get rewarded every time your invitees occupy places in your Goldsets.


The transformation is the activation of the next, more expensive Goldset level. The income from the first cycle of each cost level is enough to move to the next more expensive Goldset level. If your upline partner also has this Goldset activeted, he/she receives a reward for your increased Goldset level.

You can overtake your upline partner by activating higher tier Goldsets that he hasn't activated yet. In this case, you will take a place at the level of his/her next higher partner, provided that this partner has the activation of the same Goldset. In this case, the reward will go to him/her, and not to your higher partner. As your upline partner activates Goldsets of the same level, with the next reinvestments you will take a place according to the referral link.

For the automatic transformation, you need 100% of the cost of each subsequent Goldset. With each first filling, the amount is temporarily blocked on the smart contract for the last places and is formed to switch to higher level goldsets. As long as you change places the funds instantly go to the wallet of your upline partner.

To move to a higher Goldset level, it is enough to reinvest only once in the Goldset from which the transform occurred. The amount on the smart contract is temporarily blocked for:

  • In GS5 the last 4 places
  • In GS7 the last 3-4 places
  • In GS15 the last 8-9 places
  • In GS31 The last 9-10 places

The balance after using each pool is also returned to the program participant's wallet.

After switching to a higher level Goldset, the amount is blocked only for reinvestment.


Automatic cycles (reinvestment) reopen the same Goldset (in terms of value), thereby you to continue to receive constant income. This happens automatically as soon as the partner takes the last free space below you. As soon as the level cycle ends, the next new cycle immediately begins. When the cycle is completed, you take a free place in the Goldset of the same value as your upstream partner, the exact same Goldset reopens with free places for new partners. The reward for each cycle goes to the wallet of your upline partner. Cycles work the same way for your referred partners, and every time their Goldset completes a cycle, you get rewarded for it.

For the automatic Goldset cycle, you need to achieve 100% of the cost of each given Goldset. With each refill, the amount is temporarily blocked on the smart contract for the last places and reinvestment is formed to reactivate the Goldset of the same price, and the funds during the reinvestment are instantly transferred to the wallet of the superior. Reactivation of Goldsets (reinvestment) of each value level occurs automatically and infinitely.

For reinvestment:


The amount is temporarily blocked on the smart contract for the last 2 places.


The amount is temporarily blocked on the smart contract for the last 2 places.


The amount is temporarily blocked on the smart contract for the last 3 places.


The amount is temporarily blocked on the smart contract for the last 4 places.

The balance after using each pool is also returned to the wallet of the program participant.


  • In cases if there are no free places at the specified level of your inviting partner, the other invitees of your partner will take place in your Goldset. You will also get commission. 

  • At the same time, active participants can outpace their upline partners for a while by filling their Goldsets much faster and activating the following ones.
  • In case you are currently not present on the Goldset, your partners are placed under your closest upline partner located on this Goldset.
  • After you activate the Goldset of the same value, with the following reinvestments, your partners will take places according to their referral binding.


If the buyer bought gold via your referral link and does not participate in the marketing program, then you receive 50% of the amount of the marketing deductions which is 3 USDT from each purchased bar weighing 0.10g. As the transaction was completed, the money immediately appear in the wallet.

Formula of success

  • By activating higher Goldset levels, you also activate a more advanced mechanism for generating income, because with each new Goldset level your income is doubled, while previous Goldset levels also continue to constantly generate income via the automatic endless reinvestments.
  • All of your invitees, as well as your upline partners, through overflows, continue to fill in your Goldsets indefinitely, activating new value levels after you and re-activating previous Goldsets, creating constant streams of income.
  • There are no limits on the amount of rewards, the REAL GOLD 2.0 referral program is a money-making machine.
  • The speed and volume of your income depend only on your desire, goals, and chosen strategy.

We have identified 5 main strategies for development in the Referral Program:

  • Beginner - activation of 1 to 3 levels of all types of Goldsets
  • Enthusiast - activation of 4 to 6 levels of all types of Goldsets
  • Expert - activation of 7 to 9 levels of all types of Goldsets
  • Master - activation of 10 to 12 levels of all types of Goldsets
  • Professional - activation of 13 to 15 levels of all types of Goldsets

Example 1

Beginner strategy - activation of 1-3 cost levels of all types of Goldsets


  • The ability to test all aspects of the referral program with a minimum entry threshold and only then decide on the choice of the main strategy
  • Possibility of activating most levels of Goldsets by invited and superior partners


  • The minimum income possible in the marketing program
  • The probability of a slow advancement through the levels of Goldsets
  • Probability of being ahead of the partners, resulting of shortfall in income

In this case, even if you invite only a few active participants, or if your structure has active upline partners, due to constant overflows and endless reinvestments that gradually fill your Goldsets, they will take you to new levels of Goldsets and income streams.

However, these active participants can overtake you, activating higher Goldset levels faster. In this case, the reward goes to your upline partners as well as the Goldset place filling until you activate those missing Goldset levels too.

Example 2

Expert Strategy - activation of 7-9 cost levels of all types of Goldsets


  • The ability to quickly build a main source of income.
  • Balanced ratio of entry costs and return on investment.


  • A lot of activity is required to build a structure for a quick result
  • Probability of being ahead of the partners, resulting of shortfall in income

If your goal is to build yourself a permanent and main source of income, you can choose the Expert strategy and activate 7-9 cost levels of all types of Goldsets with an average entry threshold.

In this case, all your referrals, depending on their activity and the strategy they have chosen, will quickly fill up your Goldsets, and due to the fact that you have already activated a solid part of all levels, the entire amount of rewards that was intended for the formation of pools and automatic activation of more high levels of Goldsets will be credited immediately to your personal wallet.

Example 3

Professional Strategy - activation of 13-15 cost levels of all types of Goldsets


  • Maximum profit
  • Opportunity to achieve incredible levels of wealth


  • Maximum work and involvement of large structures is required in order to return investments and achieve maximum results
  • Solid Initial Investment

If you are a professional in your field, and your goal is maximum financial well-being, you have a large and active structure of partners who follow you with the same goal - you can choose the Professional strategy by activating all levels of all types of Goldsets, for which you will need a solid investment.

In this case, the colossal mechanism will continuously generate huge streams of income at all levels of the Goldset, depending on your strategizing with your structure at all levels. Mass starts of invited partners and their invited partners on increased strategies, no need to reinvest in leveling up, and constant overflows and endless reinvestments of all levels, as quickly as possible will return all initial investments and due to income of 333% from each GS5 level, 317% from each GS 7 level, 467% from each GS 15 level, 817% from each GS 31 level and multiply by many times.

Example 4

You can also develop your own strategies by combining types and levels of Goldsets depending on your specific situation and desire. For example, you understand that you will be able to generate traffic and successfully convert it into your 1st line of structure. For the effective use of leads, at the start of the program, you can activate all types of level 1 Goldsets, as well as all levels of GS 5, which are filled with direct referrals so from each level you will receive 333% income.

Start changing your life

In order to become a member of the REAL GOLD 2.0 Referral Program, you need to:

  • Register a crypto wallet that supports USDT cryptocurrency.
  • Pass a full registration on the company's platform, using a referral link or referral ID.
  • Buy the amount of gold bars that are required to activate the selected Goldsets.
  • Activate Goldsets


Join the referral program and reach a new level of financial opportunities together with the great team of REAL GOLD!

Commission in the REAL GOLD 2.0 Marketing Program (pdf)

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